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MedCinema -11 Official Secrets

6th SEPTEMBER 2023

One day in 2003, in the lead up to the Iraq War, British intelligence specialist Katharine Gun receives a memo from the NSA with a shocking directive: the United States is enlisting Britain’s help in collecting compromising information on U.N. Security Council members to blackmail them into voting in favor of an invasion of Iraq. Unable to stand by and watch the world be rushed into war, Gun makes the gut-wrenching decision to defy her government and leak the memo to the press.

Resource Person – Dr Mahesh Rajasoriya

MedCinema -10 My Sister’s Keeper

26th JULY 2023

Anna, a young girl, seeks a lawyer’s help to earn medical emancipation from her parents when they force her to donate organs, blood and tissue to her leukaemia-stricken elder sister and help her live.

Resource Person – Dr Dineshani Hettiarachchi

MedCinema -9 Shutter Island

28th JUNE 2023

Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, two US marshals, are sent to an asylum on a remote island in order to investigate the disappearance of a patient, where Teddy uncovers a shocking truth about the place.

MedCinema -8 Extraordinary Measurses

31th MAY 2023

A working-class couple have two children suffering from a rare genetic disorder that will eventually result in their death. With time running short, can they save the children?

Resource Person – Dr Santhushya Fernando

MedCinema -7 Ankur Arora Murder Case

26th APRIL 2023

Dr Asthana’s medical negligence costs an eight-year-old, Ankur, his life. When Dr Romesh, an intern, learns about it, he decides to support Ankur’s mother and fight for justice.

Resource Person – Prof Jithangi Wanigasinghe

MedCinema -6 And The Band Played Onn

29th MARCH 2023

Shilts focuses on several organizations and communities that were either hit hardest by AIDS—and were given the task of finding the cause of the disease—or begging the government for money to fund research and provide social services to people who were dying.

Resource Person – Prof Carukshi Arambepola

MedCinema -5 Patch Adams

22nd FEBRUARY 2023

Patch Adams is determined to become a medical doctor because, he enjoys helping people. Unfortunately, the medical and scientific community does not appreciate his methods of healing the sick, while the actual patients, medical professors, and hospital nurses all appreciate the work *he* can do, because they are unable to do it.

Resource Person – Dr Lakmali Amarasiri

MedCinema -4 12 Angry Men

25th JANUARY 2023

The jury in a New York City murder trial is frustrated by a single member whose skeptical caution forces them to more carefully consider the evidence before jumping to a hasty verdict.

Resource Person – Dr Ravindra Samaranayake

MedCinema -3 The Father

25th November 2023

The Father is a movie about dementia, which presents it from the perspective of a person suffering from dementia. Based on a by the director, Florian Zeller, The Father maintains that same essence of watching one, with most of the frames being still and the atmosphere which is bright yet uncomfortably eerie.

Resource Person –  Prof Thashi Chang

MedCinema -2 A Street Cat Named Bob

26th OCTOMBER 2022

A Street Cat Named Bob is based on the true story of London busker James Bowen (Luke Treadway). James is struggling to overcome heroin addiction. A social worker helps him to get off the streets in the hope that having a stable place to live will help James stick to his methadone program.

Resource Person – Dr Madhri Senanayake

A Street Cat Named Bob Poster

MedCinema -1 The Sea Inside

27th SEPTEMBER 2022

The film tells the captivating and heart-wrenching story of Ramón Sampedro (Javier Bardem, Before Night Falls), a Spanish man who, after a diving accident rendered him quadriplegic in 1968, fought for 30 years to end his own life. Ramón lives a quiet life with his family on their farm on the beautiful Galician coast.

Resource Person –  Prof Thashi Chang