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  • guest_7968 : Wasn't it the dr resident who was arrogant and ignorant of the nurse? (Which also got her agitated in turn)
  • guest_4655 : The conflict of the ego of certain “know all” doctors and the paramedic who was just trying her best to help the patient is also something worth discussing.
  • guest_795 : reminds me of casualty nights
  • guest_8773 : I guess the cinematography is in a such a way that lest us feel the frustration of the nurse.
  • guest_8300 : Loved those scenes in the ambulance. Those were great shorts
  • Zafra : This movie hasn't been sent to the editor :/
  • Tharindu : I understand there's a lot of hyperbole in the representation of health care but why am I not surprised that this could happen? This level of desensitisation is INSANE but it is very real
  • Dulani : Informed consent to a delirious patient haha. Funny.
  • Navod : This movie even though it's rather long, outlines MULTIPLE themes. Prejudice, God complexes and ego and humanity to just name a few
  • Neesha : Kudos for the nurse for sticking up for her patient through and through. Faith in humanity restored
  • Neera : Sums up surgeons and their God complexes PERFECTLY
  • Nipuni : And the dead pan comedy is so on point
  • Nipuni : Shows the inhumane and humane aspects of health care in a perfect balance
  • Lasaresculives : A very real life depiction of the status of overcrowded and burnt out health care staff and the general mishandling of patients
  • Lasaresculives : Great cinematography
  • Admin : Welcome to the Post movie discussion